Getting Things Done (puntata del 29 novembre)

David Allen

Il grande David Allen (un suo bel video è l’intervento a un TEDx su “The art of stress-free productivity“) ha una newsletter nella quale dà pillole di saggezza sul suo metodo Getting Things Done, ovvero sul come fare per ottenere il miglior risultato compatibilmente con le proprie aspettative e le energie investite (che spesso sono molto superiori ai primi). Ecco l’estratto della sua ultima newsletter, che trovo piuttosto interessante.



There are three common reasons why most people seem to flounder with their personal workflow. At least part of their systems lack one or more of three essential variables: consistent, current, and contextually available. This was reaffirmed for me in a coaching session I did with a senior executive. Here’s what showed up:

Consistency: She had some phone call reminders on pieces of paper, some in her head, some on sticky notes stuck to the phone. Keeping the same kind of reminders about the same kinds of to-do’s in different media in different places is hugely inefficient and confusing. Information or reminder triggers of a specific type must be kept in the same place, the same way, all the time. Otherwise we have to make the “what do I do with this?” decision with every such particle, and that throws up a quick barrier to engagement. She decided to go with simple file folders labeled “Calls – Work” and “Calls – Personal”, as the best way to manage those, and sanity began to prevail.

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