Technorati Authority downgrade

If you was asking “Why my authority is falling down these months across Technorati?”, here is a partial answer, from the Technorati’s newsletter:

2) Why Your Technorati Authority May Have Changed, and What You Can Do About It Changes in Technorati Authority numbers –
there are several reasons these numbers have decreased recently: As our intent is to measure the influence and attention received on an ongoing basis, we stopped counting static blogroll links, and these links have now aged out of the authority calculations. Due to the vast number of blogging platforms and custom installations out there (and some bloggers who felt we were using too much of their data), we now rely more heavily on RSS and Atom feeds than in the past. Bloggers can control how much of their content they wish to syndicate via feeds. Many blogs only provide partial feeds, we are not always able to get link data from them. Thus, links from these blogs may no longer contribute to your authority. Finally, to make sure we always know about your updates, please make sure you are pinging us. You can ping us manually from our Ping Page, or learn about configuring your system to ping us automatically on our Help Page. Many blogging services and platforms have a preconfigured option for pinging Technorati and other services. If you find links to your blog that don’t appear on Technorati, you may want to check that the other blog:

 is claimed on Technorati
 has a full-content feed
 is pinging us with updates.

Word Of Technorati!

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