Real Love

A friend: “You’ve a lot of good friends that love you, you at 35 have had beautiful women that an average man can wait for a life. You’ve persons that trust in you, you have true faith in God, you’ve love of parents, you have proposals for important projects and your future as well, you have the higher level of study, fine taste and education, international relationships, you’re well known on the Internet, and…”
“You’re kidding? I don’t have love”.
“You will find…”.
“I’m not. I would leave all this out, for real love.”


6 pensieri riguardo “Real Love”

  1. Real love is what we’re searching for a life, and is the one and only thing escapeing from our will. So, you’re right if you ever consider it as a final choice, it’s useless to have other. But it’s failing to take a soul to a soul rel if there’s “feelingness” love. Real love is true if there’re two persons to think it as a way-life, not only to feel it.

  2. So true, I agree….Love is much more precious than any material thing you could ever own. But your friend is also right, life is all about the ride…there’s always something great around the corner.
    & thanks so much for saying hello, “Ciao” from California too! :)

  3. Nat is true, Kathleen. But I’ve had so much pain in my heart in the last months, that you can’t imagine. This is why I think about love. This friend didn’t know exactly what happened, but it’s terrible feelings, from love a person hurted me in a so terrific matter. So I want only truth in my life now from the other half of world. True love, true facts, not words, not any other

  4. I agree with you Luciano. In this world we never know what is true love means. Sometimes we get wrong if we think that’s true love, but the reality is not like that. But I believe in true love. The true love like in the bible said, “Love is patient and kind, never jelous, boastful, etc…” But to find a person like that is rare. :) God is my true love. :)


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